10 school holiday activities that bring family together

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10 school holiday activities to bring the family together

A3613_KAAU_Foster Story - Ali Joe Erin_1200px_v1a_MC_WEBSchool holidays are upon us and there is always that period at home where kids and adults have to get used to being in each other’s company more often. This can often result in some restless little ones. There are plenty of activities you can all do together to help combat this restlessness.

Here’s a list of 10 activities to get the family started.

  1. Make a cubby house under the table and read stories
  2. Have a cook-off and see who can make the best mini pizzas with fresh vegetables?
  3. Put on a family concert or play
  4. If you want to get messy, hand painting works a treat!
  5. Help each other clean one room in the house
  6. Practice writing skills by writing a letter to a loved one
  7. Make a mini herb garden with some pots and tea cups
  8. Have a slumber day and wear your PJ’s and watch DVDs
  9. Draw self-portraits of each other—this is sure to create some giggles.
  10.  Organise a treasure hunt with a map—hide some treasure and work together to find it!

Feel free to add to this list and make things even more exciting. Have a wonderful and safe school holidays.