Foster Carer Story – Jaquie

Jacquie decided to become a foster carer due to her desire to help others. Her own grandchildren were living in different states and she was unable to see them as often as she’d like. When she saw an advert to foster a child in her local newspaper, Jacquie felt compelled to pick up the phone and make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of children in her local area. “We were blessed to have a young girl of eight years placed with us in April 2010 and she has now been with us for almost five months,” says Jacquie. “We had extensive training before the placement and we were treated with the utmost respect throughout this time. “Our needs and wellbeing have always been considered. Also the fact that training is ongoing is important as we can never have enough experience under our belts.”

The rollercoaster of foster care

Jacquie has found that being a foster carer in Australia has been a rewarding career choice, but not always an easy one: “When our foster child was first placed with us it was a very trying time,” recalls Jacquie. “Her behaviour was, and can still be, very challenging. For myself it has been really good to know that I can pick up the phone at any time should I need help or advice. “I just remember during the difficult times how far she has come in such a short time really. I cannot put into words how proud I felt of our foster child when the headmistress at her school said she is already a term ahead of where she thought this child would be. This is due to the support system put in place around this child.”

Recommending foster care

As a foster carer with Key Assets, Jacquie finds that while her fostering career is hugely rewarding, there are too few people willing to take it on. “There are so many children in need and so few people willing to take the risk,” says Jacquie. “I thank Key Assets for making a difference. The financial support means we can go beyond the boundaries to give this child every opportunity to grow, develop and reach her potential whatever that may be. “The child we have in foster care is thriving and learning things that would not have been possible without the support of Key Assets. I am blessed just to see her beautiful smile.” If you’re thinking of fostering in Queensland, fostering in South Australia, fostering in New South Wales or fostering in Western Australia with Key Assets, contact us today to discuss our specialist foster care services.