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Fostering is a way of offering a family home to a child or young person who, for various reasons, cannot remain with their birth family.

Fostering placements can last for any length of time and can be aimed at reuniting children with their birth families, or leading them towards independence or a permanent family placement option. Fostering can come as a result of many reasons; including illness, relationship problems, family breakdown, or a situation in which a child or young person’s well-being is threatened.

Foster carers

Foster carers provide children and young people with safe, secure and stable home lives when they cannot return to their birth families.

Foster carers are a diverse group of people from a wide range of backgrounds who are all working towards making a positive and lasting difference to children and young people in foster care.

Foster care placements

Foster care placements at Key Assets vary from child to child. Our main placements can be grouped into: emergency , short term, long term, parent and child, respite, remand and placements for children seeking asylum.

Many of the placement types at Key Assets are aimed at supporting children and young people with high and complex needs, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young peoples with specific cultural requirements. All of our placements are underpinned by Key Assets ‘s unique approach to fostering called Team Parenting™.

Team Parenting™

Team Parenting™ is a unique framework to foster care that acknowledges and supports high and complex needs as well as the cultural identities of all children and young people.

Team Parenting™ is an approach that draws together an exceptional level of support for foster carers across Australia based on the services provided by Social Workers, Education Officers, Therapists or Therapists and Support Workers.

Non-government fostering agencies

The role of a non-government agency like Key Assets is to work in collaboration and partnership with the local government body to provide high quality foster care services.

In New South Wales, all new foster carers must now be affiliated with a non-government agency for fostering support and supervision, and we work with the Family and Community Services to provide fostering placements.

Due to the complex and demanding nature of the foster care placements that are referred to us, Key Assets is a ‘specialist’ non-government foster care agency.

Family and Community Services

As of the 1st January 2012, all new foster carers in New South Wales must now be affiliated with a non-government agency for fostering support and supervision. Existing carers with Family and Community Services will automatically become part of an Out of Home Care Reform programme which proposes that, over a 10 year period, all foster carers will eventually be supported by a non-government agency.

Non-government fostering agencies, including Key Assets Fostering, work in collaboration and partnership with Family and Community Services to provide high quality foster care services. Family and Community Services retain all legal responsibility for children placed in foster care, but non-government agencies like us provide the day to day foster carer support and case management of the child or young person in placement.

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