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Team Parenting TM in Queensland

Team Parenting™ is an approach based on the principle of ‘making a positive and lasting difference’.

Team Parenting™ is a holistic approach to fostering that draws together a range of professionals to support a foster care placement in meeting the needs of the foster carer and the child or young person.

Key Assets is part of a global brand encompassing foster care agencies across four continents. We base our foster care on the success of our Team Parenting™ approach worldwide, and its effectiveness in positively impacting the effects of trauma and attachment issues and the provision of quality care in a family setting.

The role of the foster carer

The foster carer is central to the way we use the Team Parenting™ approach at Key Assets. The foster carer acts as the ‘agent of change’, with the extended responsibility to deliver the therapeutic foster care directly to the child or young person.

Our support services based around the Team Parenting™ approach are not intended to replace the responsibilities of the foster carer but rather to extend and enhance those responsibilities.

Our team supporting the Team Parenting approach

The Team Parenting™ approach is delivered by a multidisciplinary group, including a variety of different support service workers:

  • Social Workers undertake frequent visits and regular telephone contact with you as your closest support professional.
  • Children and Young People Support Services (CYPSS) workers – are experienced youth workers who provide for every child placed with a Key Assets foster carer. Dedicated support is vital to the success of the service we provide.
  • Education Officers act as a liaison between children and young people and their schools.
  • Therapists provide therapeutic support to children and young people by working closely with the foster carer as well as the wider support network around a placement. Therapy can be delivered individually or in groups.

The success of our Team Parenting™ approach around the world has proved that any specialist intervention from one of these professional support services has the potential to make all the difference to a foster care placement.

Team parenting and complex needs

The Team Parenting™ approach is aimed at addressing the therapeutic needs of children and young people in foster care. It is often referred to as ‘therapeutic foster care’. This describes our joint approach to creating a therapeutic environment for the child or young person within a foster care placement.

A Key Assets Therapist directs a team built to support children in placement, which is made up of the foster carer and a range of professionals, each of whom specialise in different fields. The Therapist will hold structured meetings to discuss the unique needs of the child or young person before a foster care placement or shortly after it begins.

Professionals using the Team Parenting™ approach try to ensure that issues from the past do not go on to damage the future outcome of a child in foster care. Team Parenting™ is aimed not just at increasing the stability of a placement but also at increasing the level of attachment between children and young people and their foster carers.

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