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Key Assets provides an extended network of support services for our foster carers.

We believe appropriate support for families who foster is vitally important to a successful placement.

Supporting you in the fostering task

Foster carers are expected to work diligently, resiliently and persistently in what can be difficult and challenging circumstances.

We highly value the work that our carers undertake, which is why we provide a range of foster carers support services to assist you in making a lasting difference to children’s lives.

Key Assets views its support service as a way of ensuring that every placement stands every chance of success.

Young people referred to us may have experienced many rejections, and we endeavour to do everything possible to minimise the chances of this reoccurring. For this reason, our support services include professional therapists who can work with carers to support children and young people who are experiencing severe emotional difficulties.

Foster Carers support services you will receive

Our foster carers support services include:

  • Access to a Key Assets Support Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Frequent visits, regular telephone contact and ongoing support from a qualified and suitably experienced Key Assets Supervising Social Worker.
  • Access to up to 21 night’s supportive respite.
  • Financial support (allowances paid by Department of Communities, Child Safety Service) that values your skills as a foster carer and the demands of your role.
  • Regular support group meetings with other foster carers to share experience and knowledge.
  • Support workers to work with the child or young person, especially if they are not attending school.
  • Organised activities for you, your family and the children you look after.
  • An Educational Officer to support in negotiating with schools and promoting the child or young person’s educational needs.
  • Access to a Therapist for consultations and individual therapy for any child placed with you, when needed.
  • A comprehensive post-approval training programme.
  • Membership of Foster Care Queensland (FCQ).

Why support matters (Team Parenting)

At Key Assets, our approach to foster care is based on Team Parenting™, where everyone is responsible for the child and for the carer.

We believe that we can learn continuously from each other and that, by keeping teams small, we can develop strong relationships and find imaginative and creative responses to the needs of the children in our care.

Through training foster carers, shared expertise and, fundamentally, providing support services to the foster carers and children and young people, we can ensure that both child and carer are given every opportunity to fulfil their potential and give every placement their best efforts.

Support starts now!

We are committed to supporting you from the initial stages of your application as foster carers. Enquire online or call 1800 93 22 73 to register your interest today.

Fostering Enquiries:

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