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All foster carers with Key Assets receive allowances to cover the costs of caring for children with high and complex needs.

In Queensland, all fostering allowances are paid by the Department of Communities; although if you care for a child with complex needs, Key Assets administers this part of the payment.

Fostering allowances are provided to cover the cost of caring for children.

When do I receive a fostering payment?

Fostering allowances are paid to all foster carers with a fostering placement.

Fostering allowances and full time fostering

The fostering allowances that are provided enable our carers to commit to fostering on a full time basis. We consider fostering to be a profession and as such we are fully supportive of the fostering allowances for our carers.

Fostering allowances

Further information about fostering allowances can be found on the fostering allowances page.

How much will I receive?

In order to find out more about the amount that you will receive as a foster carer with Key Assets, please contact us. Enquire online to register your interest or call 1800 93 22 73.

Fostering Enquiries:

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