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The application process to become a foster carer in Queensland with Key Assets is detailed below. The process to become a foster carer from submission of application, to registration by Key Assets and approval by the Department of Communities (Child Safety Services) is usually 12 – 16 weeks to be registered with Key Assets prior to approval by the Department of Communities.

The process to become a foster carer

1. Register your interest into becoming a foster carer.

Complete our short online application form or call us on 1800 93 22 73 to register your interest in becoming a foster carer.

2. Request information about becoming a foster carer

Key Assets requests basic information about you before sending you our information pack: ‘Fostering Matters’.

3. Advice Visit

A member of the Key Assets team will visit your home to discuss becoming a foster carer with you in greater depth. The staff member will put together an initial report based on your discussions, which will recommend whether or not you are to be sent an application form.

In addition to us finding out more about you, this is an opportunity for you to find out more about becoming a foster carer, and whether you are comfortable that we are the agency you can best work with.

4. Application Form

Through completing the application form, you are supplying detailed information about you and your family and giving your consent for us to complete necessary checks and enquiries to determine your suitability to become a foster carer.

Key Assets will then prepare the Department of Communities ‘Application for Approval Form’ for you to review and sign. This is your formal and legal application to be approved as a foster carer with the Department of Communities.

5. Key Assets and the Department of Communities obtains the following references and checks on all applicants:

  • Working with Children (Blue Card) checks on all adult members of the household (includes information about any criminal convictions or cautions).
  • Suitability Checks through the State and inter-State government Child Protection Agencies, including New Zealand (if applicable).
  • A Health and Wellbeing Questionnaire and medical examination (by your GP) with the report made available to Key Assets Agency Medical Adviser, if required, for their comments about your health.
  • Identification of at least three personal referees (including one family member) who will provide written references and be interviewed as part of the assessment process.
  • References requested from previous employers.
  • A standard Household Safety Study will need to be carried out on your home.
  • Enquiries to other agencies as necessary.

6. Assessment Process

  • A qualified Social Worker carries out a full assessment. He/she visits your home, generally on 6-8 occasions, to meet and collect information about all members of your household and your experience and skills in relation to fostering. The information obtained forms the basis of an assessment report. We use the ‘Department of Communities Initial Application for Approval as a Foster Carer Form 3A’ format.
  • A mandatory training course, developed by the Department of Communities called ‘Quality Care – Foster Care Training’, is provided which covers the responsibilities of being a foster carer and working with Key Assets and the Department of Communities (Child Safety Service). All prospective foster carers must attend this training.
  • During the assessment process to become a foster carer, applicants will be required to complete some written reflections of life experience and giving examples of their relevant experience and skills, support is available for this.

7. Fostering Panel

The content of the Form 3A assessment report, excluding all references, will be shared with you and then presented to a Fostering Registration Panel. To assist in the decision-making process, applicants are expected to attend the Panel meeting.

The Fostering Registration Panel considers your suitability to act as a foster carer for Key Assets, and to therefore seek the formal approval of the applicant through the Department of Communities (Child Safety Service).

In Queensland, only the Department of Communities can legally approve foster carers; regardless of which agency the carer fosters with. Applicants are informed verbally and in writing about both the agency decision and the Department of Communities decision.

If you are registered to become a Key Assets carer and are issued with a Certificate of Approval by the Department, you will be continuously monitored and supported through the Foster Carer Renewal of Approval/Review process.

Begin the process to becoming a foster carer by enquiring online now.

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