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Fostering is open to a variety of people. However, there are practical and emotional considerations for who can foster. At Key Assets, we expect the primary carer, whether single or in a couple, to be able to make a full-time commitment to fostering children aged 0 to 18 years of age.

The appropriate space for children and young people is important and you will need to have a bedroom for each child placed with you unless siblings are placed together. You are also required to be over 25 years old.

There are no restrictions as to who can foster based on race, cultural identity, sexual orientation or home ownership status; we base our decision upon the applicant’s ability to provide a safe, caring and supportive environment for children and young people.

Foster carer checklist

  • You may wish to consider the following checklist in helping you to decide whether you have the qualities to become a foster carer:
  • You genuinely like and enjoy children and can remain enthusiastic about them even when things are difficult.
  • You understand that looking after children from another family is different to caring for children in your own family.
  • You appreciate that fostering will have an impact on your own children and your extended family.
  • You do not expect children to be grateful for the care you show or demonstrate through your actions.
  • You can accept that children may take some time to respond to the care you offer.
  • You can accept a child who may reject or strongly disagree with ideas, views and feelings that you hold.
  • You can understand that children may lie, steal or display sexualised behaviour. You can allow and encourage a child to have feelings of affection for others.
  • You can accept and deal with anger from children. You have a good sense of humour. Your marriage, partnership or support network of friends and family can withstand the pressures associated with fostering.
  • You can, when necessary, reach out to others for support. You are willing to share your life experiences with others.
  • You can accept that things in your house might be moved or broken. You can accept failure in yourself and others. You can be satisfied with small steps of progress.

Rewarding foster carers

Key Assets rewards all our foster carers for their demanding roles. You will also be provided with fostering allowances to cover the cost of caring for children. Visit the fostering payments page for more information.

Could you foster?

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