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‘Foster parenting’ means to offer a safe and stable home to children and young people in foster care. The aim of foster parenting is to reunite children with their birth families, or to assist them towards independence or adoption.

We see the foster carer as the primary agent of change in foster parenting and we consider the role of the foster carer to be equal to other members of the professional support team.

Foster parenting and foster care

‘Foster parenting’ is a widely used phrase that many people are familiar with, although we prefer the term ‘foster care’ as it more accurately reflects the role of the foster carer as a professional, and not a parent.

In Queensland, the legal responsibility of a child or young person in foster care remains with either the birth parents or the Department of Communities (Child Safety Services) depending on the situation. Many children and young people in foster care have birth families who maintain the title of parents, regardless of how involved they are in the parenting role.

With this in mind, we seek to employ the phrase foster care rather than fostering parenting, to protect the parents’ role in a child’s life.

Foster parenting with Key Assets

Valuing the foster carer and supporting them to provide foster parenting is crucial to the stability of foster care placements.

At Key Assets we are looking for people who can offer foster care in Queensland. All our foster carers are rewarded in the fostering parenting role with excellent support, supportive fostering allowances and extensive foster carer training and support.

To find out more about foster parenting with Key Assets, call us today on 1800 93 22 73 or enquire online.

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