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In Queensland, all foster carers must be affiliated with a non-government agency for fostering support and supervision.

The role of the non-government fostering agency is to work in collaboration and partnership with the Department of Communities (Child Safety Services) to provide high quality foster care services. The Department retains all legal responsibility for children placed in foster care, but the non-government fostering agency provides the day to day foster carer support.

Specialist fostering agencies

Non-government fostering agencies in Queensland are usually identified as either a ‘generalist fostering agency’ or a ‘specialist fostering agency’.

Specialist agencies like Key Assets provide a different level of support to foster carers to reflect the demands made by caring for children with high and complex needs.

Many children who have come into foster care in Queensland have experienced some degree of neglect and/or physical, emotional or sexual abuse. All of them will have experienced the loss and separation from their birth family. Experiences like these can lead them to express their emotions and feelings through difficult or challenging behaviours.

Non-government fostering agency support

To become a foster carer with a non-government fostering agency, you still need to apply through the Department of Communities. Foster carers must also complete the pre-service Department of Communities Quality Care Training modules 1-4. We provide guidance on these issues to all our prospective foster carers.

Once you are approved as a foster carer with a non-government agency, your fostering allowances are provided by the Department but your ongoing support and foster care placements are provided by the non-government fostering agency you are affiliated with.

At Key Assets, we provide a wealth of fostering training and support to all our foster parents, whom we consider to be a part of the professional team.

Working with partners

Key Assets works strategically with a number of organisations to enhance outcomes for children in care. One of the partners we work closely with is PeakCare.

We also partner and support the foster carers who are central to the care we provide for children and young people, ensuring their improved care and life outcomes.

Key Assets is committed to developing empirically based practice and has partnerships with a number of universities and research institutes to explore issues in out of home care service delivery and outcomes for children and young people.

For more information about non-government fostering agencies and becoming a foster parent with Key Assets, call us today on 1800 93 22 73 or enquire online.

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