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Foster care means caring for someone else’s child or children in your own home. Foster carers provide a safe, secure and stable environment for children and young people. They work with the children, families and the authorities to help most young people return home as quickly as possible.

Many children who need foster care have experienced some degree of neglect and/or physical, emotional or sexual abuse. All of them will have experienced loss and separation from their birth family. Even if children present as happy and smiling, their past experiences will have an impact on their behaviour and development.

What are foster care placements?

There are many different types of foster care placements, each requiring different levels of care depending on the individual needs of the child.

At Key Assets, our foster care placements are usually for older children and teenagers. We are looking to recruit foster carers who are available full-time and who are prepared to offer foster care to children over the age of 7 years old.

Many children and young people referred to us have complex needs as a result of challenging behaviours or disabilities.

Could you offer a foster care placement?

Foster care is a demanding job that requires sharing your home, your time and your family with children and young people, often with complex needs.

If you have had experience with foster care, have worked with children or young people in a professional capacity, or even if you have no previous experience but feel you have the qualities needed, you could be just the person to offer a safe and stable home to a child in foster care.

To find out more about foster care and becoming a foster carer, speak to a member of the Key Assets team today. Call us on 1800 93 22 73 or enquire online.

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