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equality and diversity in south australia

Throughout Key Assets, we understand that embracing equality and diversity leads to a happy and productive team. We aim to harness a wide variety of skills and talents to produce the best possible results in all our dealings.

Through our inclusive approach to recruitment, Key Assets aims to integrate equality of opportunity into all of its employment activities. Our service provision to government bodies, foster carers, and children and young people in foster care reflects this culture of diversity, ensuring that our services, recruitment and general business do not discriminate on the grounds of any protected characteristic:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender
  • Gender Reassignment
  • Marriage or Civil Partnership
  • Pregnancy and maternity
  • Race & Ethnicity
  • Religion & Belief (or the lack thereof)
  • Sexual orientation
  • Religious beliefs

In addition to protected characteristics, we also ensure that our services, recruitment and general business do not discriminate on the grounds of:

  • Caring responsibilities
  • Socio-economic background*

*These lists are not exhaustive.

Inclusive foster care provision

Key Assets seeks to operate within a framework of fairness, openness, integrity and accountability, and expects the same of those providing services for the agency, or on behalf of the agency. Our key values and principles are set down to ensure that:

  • All employment and service delivery policies and practices reflect a positive value for human difference and diversity.
  • All staff and foster carers are aware of and understand the agency’s commitment to equality of opportunity and their responsibilities in relation to this. Training and guidance for staff and foster carers will reinforce this, especially training for those involved in recruitment and selection decisions.
  • Our workforce has the knowledge, skills and abilities to provide high quality services within a clear framework of anti-discriminatory, including anti-sectarian, practice.
  • Our services are responsive, accessible, sensitive and appropriate to those who need and may benefit from them.

Foster carer pre and post-approval training encourages care provision that respects the ethnic, religious, cultural and linguistic background of children and young people who are looked after through our agency. Foster carers are provided with the necessary information, support and training to enable them to provide the best possible care and to promote the heritage of a fostered child or young person.

Diverse recruitment practices

Key Assets takes care to ensure that our recruitment practices reflect the diverse culture we aspire to promote throughout our company. Job descriptions and person specifications are prepared for every vacancy, details of vacancies are made available via internal and/or external advertising, or existing staff/workers within the Core Assets Group may be transferred. Applicants are shortlisted against the person specification, and selection decisions are made on the basis of merit.

The recruitment, support and training of both staff and foster carers reflects the agency’s commitment to having a range of employees and foster families sufficiently diverse to meet the ethnic, racial, cultural, linguistic and religious needs of children and young people requiring placement, as well as any needs relating to disability, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

Active participation of staff, foster carers, and children and young people is encouraged and facilitated in regards to the development and implementation of the Key Assets’ policies, procedures and practices, with a clear and consistent focus on equality of opportunity.

In these ways, Key Assets ensures that all policies and practices are in line with relevant employment- and service-related legislative, regulatory and good practice requirements.

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