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Foster Parenting in South Australia

Across the world, the term ‘foster carer’ is referred to in various different ways. In certain jurisdictions, ‘foster parenting’ or ‘foster parent’ are more commonly used, and in others, you’re more likely to hear ‘foster carer’ or ‘fostering’.

At Key Assets, we prefer the term ‘foster carer’ to ‘foster parenting’, as we feel it better reflects the role of the carer in the life of a child or young person in foster care.

What is foster parenting?

Whether it is referred to as ‘fostering’ or ‘foster parenting’, both mean to offer a safe and stable home environment for children in foster care, often encouraging them towards independence or adoption.

‘Foster parenting’ is a familiar term that is used in jurisdictions across the world, but at Key Assets, we prefer the term ‘foster care’. This is primarily because many of the children and young people who come into foster care with us have birth parents with whom they are still in contact or intending to be reunited with.

By removing the word ‘parenting’ from the role of the foster carer, we are removing the connection between a child’s foster carers and their birth family.

Foster care with Key Assets

At Key Assets we are looking for people who can offer foster care to children in foster care in South Australia who have high and complex needs as a result of earlier life difficulties. All our foster carers are supporting in the foster parenting role with comprehensive support, training and fostering allowances.

To find out more about foster parenting, or to enquire about becoming a foster carer, call Key Assets today on 1800 932 273 or enquire online.

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