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The children who are referred to Key Assets often need specialised foster care to support their high and complex needs.

These needs are usually associated with trauma, abuse or neglect. Some children may have experienced rejection from repeated foster care placement breakdowns and all of them will have been separated from their birth families.

Children with complex needs

Children and young people in foster care in South Australia suffer from significant emotional disturbance, mental health issues, educational concerns, disrupted attachment and are the victims of distressing circumstances.

As a result of earlier life difficulties, these children come into foster care lacking the fundamental experience of positive relationships and secure attachments. This can have an impact on the development of their mental health, resilience and ability to trust.

The Charter of Rights for Children and Young People in Care states simply and clearly the rights of children and young people who are under the guardianship or in the custody of the Minister for Education and Child Development. To read the Charter, click here.

Key Assets is recruiting foster carers who can help foster children to overcome these issues and go on to achieve their full potential.

Could you offer a child foster care?

We believe in providing children in foster care with opportunities for positive growth and a brighter future. In order to do this, we need foster carers who can offer a safe and stable home environment to children and young people with high and complex needs.

We provide all our foster carers with comprehensive foster carer training and foster carer support to help them in the task of fostering. We also offer competitive fostering payments to reward them for the demands of a career in foster care.

If you think you could become a foster carer, or to find out more about why children need foster care, call Key Assets Fostering today on 1800 932 273 or enquire online.

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