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Fostering is a full time job that takes place within your own home. If you have birth children who are still living at home, fostering will affect their lives just as much as yours. It could also have an impact on your wider circle of family and friends due to the demanding nature of the task.

Before you pursue becoming a foster carer further, we recommend that you have an open discussion with your family to ensure that everyone is aware of the impact foster care can have.

Children foster too

When you decide to begin fostering, a child or young person will move into your home and live there full time. This could be for a weekend, a month, or several years. However long it lasts, a fostering placement will have a real impact on other children within your home.

If you start fostering, you will be asking your birth children to share their home, their family and their belongings with a child in placement. But if they feel able and willing to do this, your birth family could have a real impact on the success of a foster care placement.

To help support family members who are part of the fostering task, Key Assets provides full access to our comprehensive foster carer support as well as a range of other related services.

Fostering support for the family

Key Assets provides support for the whole family through our multidisciplinary team of staff. This includes access to a Supervising Social Worker and Children and Young People’s Support Service workers, who can help your family to adjust to fostering.

We also hold regular events and activities for the children of foster carers who can meet and discuss their thoughts and feelings about fostering.

To find out more about how fostering will affect your family, call Key Assets today on 1800 932 273 or enquire online.

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