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Team Parenting™ in Tasmania

Team Parenting™ is a holistic approach to fostering that draws together a range of professionals to support a foster care placement by meeting the needs of the foster carer and the child or young person.

Our foster care services are based on the success of the company’s Practice framework (Team Parenting™) worldwide and its effectiveness in positively impacting the effects of trauma and attachment issues and the provision of quality care in a family setting.

Support through a Team Parenting™ approach

Our Practice frameworks employ a number of support service workers depending on the level of need – from social workers, to Child and Young People Support Services Workers (CYPSS), Education Officers and Therapists.

By using the Team Parenting™ framework, we aim to increase the stability of a placement and the level of attachment between young people and their foster carers.

The role of the foster carer

Our support services based around the Team ParentingTM framework are not intended to replace the responsibilities of the foster carer but rather to extend and enhance those responsibilities.

The foster carer is central to this approach – acting as the ‘agent of change’ and delivering the therapeutic foster care directly to the child or young person.

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