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We understand that caring for a child or young person has a financial impact on you and your family. In Tasmania, foster care payments are therefore provided to cover the cost of caring for the children and young people placed with you. These are non-taxable.

The amount of financial support given is usually determined on the different types of placements, the number of children in care and the complexity of their needs, ranging from general to higher support needs.

Fostering Payments: how much will I receive?

Foster carer allowances provided by Key Assets for our Sibling Group Care Program (July 2015) are as follows:

Sibling General Foster Carers Allowance - (paid fortnightly)(This allowance is paid to carers who look after groups of brothers and sisters). 3 siblings $1,423
4 siblings $1,878
5 siblings $2,333
6 siblings $2,788

Some additional financial support may be available through discussion with Department of Health and Human Services Tasmania if children have particularly complex needs.

When will I receive fostering allowances?

Fostering allowances are paid to all foster carers whenever they take in a fostering placement. The Fostering Allowance is administered by Key Assets and is paid fortnightly.

If you’d like to learn more about financial support for foster carers, please call us on 1800 93 22 73 or enquire online.

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