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We understand that caring for a child or young person has a financial impact on you and your family. In Victoria, foster care payments are therefore provided to cover the cost of caring for the children and young people placed with you. These are non-taxable.

The amount of financial support given is usually determined on the different types of placements, depending on the age of the child in care and the complexity of their needs, ranging from moderate to higher support needs. The level of financial support also values and recognizes the skills of foster carers. Fostering allowance rates for carers are set by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Within Tailored Placements for children with intensive support needs some additional financial support is available through discussion with the Department of Health and Human Services.

For further information about care allowances, please contact the Victorian Department of Health & Human Services Care Allowances Helpdesk by phone on 1300 552 319, by email at or visit,-families-and-young-people/kinship-foster-and-other-care/support-for-carers-in-victoria

When will I receive fostering allowance?

The care allowance is paid fortnightly by the Victorian Department of Health & Human Services and is intended to contribute to a range of day-to-day expenses incurred in the provision of care.

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