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Key Assets is part of Core Assets Group a global brand with operations in Europe, South East Asia, North America and Australasia.

The Core Assets Group was founded in 1994 by Executive Chairman, Jim Cockburn and Non-Executive Director, Jan Rees. Jim Cockburn and Jan Rees had a unique vision of high quality foster care that could be delivered in a family setting through an unparalleled level of holistic support and intensive training.

This new approach to foster care, Team Parenting™, has delivered a positive and lasting difference to the outcomes of children and young people in four continents to date.

International social care services

Complementing global foster care provision, Core Assets provides a comprehensive portfolio of social care services, offering innovative business solutions to the foster care sector.

Core Assets has an operating structure that reflects its culture, with a direct connection between strategy and service delivery, systems and internal controls throughout the company. This ensures that we comply with statutory, regulatory and internal policies and procedures in whichever jurisdiction we are operating in.

Global foster care through Core Assets

Core Assets governs foster care providers in Europe, South East Asia, Australasia and North America.

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