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Key Assets believes in high quality family-based foster care placements to help children and young people live in out of home care. Our goal is to help these children and young people achieve their full potential and live fulfilling lives in the community.

We firmly believe in training and supporting our foster carers to deal with the everyday challenges of the fostering task and to address each child and young person’s holistic and therapeutic needs.

We work in partnership with the Department for Child Protection in Western Australia to provide alternative care arrangements to meet the needs of children and young people who may have experienced difficulties and have serious problems as a result. Their complex needs are likely to make considerable demands on their foster carers.

Our approach to the foster carer

The company name ‘Key Assets’ reflects our belief that foster carers are the agents of change for the children they look after.

Furthermore, we believe that in seeking to improve developmental assets a child’s or young person’s strength and resilience will grow. The name of our organisation reflects these beliefs and our aspirations.

Our approach to foster care is inclusive and partnership-based, involving the foster carer as a trained professional who is central to the fostering process. We provide our foster carers with 24/7 support and access to a multidisciplinary workforce of managers, practitioners and support staff.

Key Assets also has a commitment to the ongoing learning and development of our foster carers, and the development of their professional careers.

Team Parenting™

Key Assets is part of the Core Assets Group, which has over 16 years’ experience with supporting foster carers and children and young people around the world. Our service provision is based on the Team Parenting™ approach to foster care developed within the Core Assets Group.

Through the Team Parenting™ approach, we work holistically with families, government and non-government bodies, and community service providers to ensure the best outcomes for children and young people with complex needs.

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