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Team Parenting™ is an approach to foster care is based upon a foundation of ‘Making a positive and lasting difference’.

Team Parenting™ is a holistic approach that promotes the partnership of families, government bodies, non-government bodies and community service providers to ensure the best outcomes for children and young people with complex needs.

The application of the Team Parenting™ approach is based on its worldwide success through the Core Assets Group. Providing quality care in a family setting around the world, this approach has positively impacted on the lives and outcomes of children and young people who have experienced trauma.

The role of the foster carer

As a central figure in a foster care placement, the foster carer is considered the agent of change for children and young people. Through the Team Parenting™ approach, the foster carer has the extended responsibility of delivering therapeutic foster care to the child or young person in placement.

Our support services based around the Team ParentingTM approach are designed to extend and enhance the existing responsibilities of foster carers.

Team Parenting™ support services

The Team Parenting™ approach is delivered by a multidisciplinary group of support service workers:

  • Supervising Social Workers who offer frequent contact, support and supervision.
  • Support Workers who work with children and young people in placement.
  • Therapists who provide therapeutic support to foster carers and young people.

The global success of the Team Parenting™ approach has demonstrated the potential of any of these professional specialist interventions to make a positive and lasting difference to the outcome of a child or young person.

Team Parenting™ and complex needs

The Team Parenting™ approach is often referred to as ‘therapeutic foster care’. This describes the joint approach of foster carers and support staff in addressing the therapeutic needs of children and young people in a family environment.

A qualified therapist directs the Key Assets team to support children and young people in foster care. This team is made up of the foster carer and a multidisciplinary workforce who provide specialist input from a variety of backgrounds. The therapist will hold structured meetings to discuss the individual needs of a particular child or young person before the commencement of a foster care placement.

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