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The term ‘foster care placements’ refers to the type of arrangement made to place a child or young person with a foster family.

At Key Assets, our foster care placements are both specialist (for high needs children) and General (for less challenging children). We recruit carers who are able to offer homes to children and young people who may have experienced harm or neglect and whose parents may be struggling with their own lives.

The types of foster care placements

‘Home for Now’ or temporary placements

Involves looking after children or young people while their longer term needs are assessed and decisions made about permanent plans for them.  They may return home to family or stay in Home For Keeps long term care.. Home for Now carers can transition to Home for Keeps caring if that is deemed best for the child.

Home for Now or short term care also includes Emergency Care which involves caring for children who need somewhere safe to stay immediately, usually for a few nights or weeks. These placements are often unplanned and can be for individual children or sibling groups.

‘Home for Keeps’ or permanent placements

Involves making a lifelong commitment to a child or young person who will remain in foster care until 18 years of age.

Carers can be assessed for both Home for Now and Home for Keeps at the same time.

Ability Carers for Children and Young People with Disabilities

Find out more about becoming an Ability Carer here.

Ability Carers are assessed and approved to look after children, young people or young adults who have a disability.  These children are not in the care of the department for child protection and family support.  Their disability may be physical or intellectual and they all need carers who can help them reach their full potential in life.

Respite Care

Respite Carers look after children for short periods of time – for example a week in the school holidays or several weekends – to share their care with their usual Foster Carer.

Looking for more information?

Browse this website to find out more about the children we foster and who can become a foster carer. For more information about foster care placements or to become a foster carer with Key Assets, call us today on 1800 932 273 or enquire online.

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