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Once you have enquired to become a foster carer with Key Assets, we will request some basic information about you and forward our literature on to you to provide you with some more information about fostering. View the stages of how to become a foster carer below. If you have any queries about the process of becoming a foster carer, please contact us to find out more.

1. Request Information

Should you wish to proceed to becoming a foster carer, Key Assets will send you one of our Fostering Matters brochures, all about fostering with our agency. Approximately one week after your initial contact, we will contact you to ascertain whether you have any questions. Should everyone be in agreement to proceed, a time will be arranged to visit you in your home.

2. Advice Visit

An initial personal discussion takes place in your own home. This is an opportunity for you to ask further questions, receive information about how fostering is likely to impact you and your family and make a joint decision as to whether you should proceed in the process of becoming a foster carer. This will better inform you as to whether or not this is the right time for you to foster.

3. Training

If you wish to proceed, you will be invited to attend our ‘Skills to Care’ training. This two day course provides information about children in care, the responsibilities and obligations of being a foster carer and working with Key Assets. All prospective foster carers must attend this training.

4. Application Form

By completing an application form to become a foster carer, you are supplying detailed information about you and your family. You are also giving your consent for us to complete necessary checks and enquiries to determine your suitability to foster.

Key Assets will obtain the following references and checks on all applicants to foster:

  • Criminal record checks on all adult members of the household (includes information about any criminal convictions or cautions)
  • Checks with the Department for Child Protection database
  • A medical report from your GP about your health
  • At least three personal referees who will be interviewed as part of the assessment process
  • References requested from your current or previous employer
  • A standard safety compliance check will need to be carried out on your home
  • Enquiries to other agencies as necessary

5. Assessment Process

An experienced Assessor, usually a qualified Social Worker, will complete your assessment to become a foster carer. They will visit your home on 5 or 6 occasions to meet and collect information about all members of your household as well as your experience and skills in relation to fostering. The information obtained forms the basis of an assessment report.

The skills and experiences related to fostering in Western Australia are outlined in the Children and Community Services Act of 2004.

During the assessment process, applicants will be asked to compile a family portfolio which will include details about their family and home.

6. Fostering Panel

The content of the assessment report, excluding all references, will be shared with you and then presented to the Key Assets Panel. This is an opportunity for you to meet the Panel members who are making a recommendation in regards to becoming a foster carer, and applicants are expected to attend the Panel meeting, along with their Assessor.

Following the Panel meeting, the Panel’s recommendation is forwarded to the Key Assets General Manager for consideration and approval.

Applicants are informed verbally and in writing about the agency decision and, if approved to become a foster carer, they will receive a welcome letter and a Certificate of Approval.

To find out more about how to become a foster carer with Key Assets, or to register your interest in fostering, call us today on 1800 932 273 or enquire online.

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