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Looking after someone else’s child is no easy task. Year on year we require more people to take up the challenge and help us to make a positive and lasting difference to children placed in our care

We strive to be representative of the communities of people in our society and this includes non-heterosexual individuals or couples. Fictional drama and soap operas don’t always depict fostering in its true light and sometimes it appears that prejudices exist. At Key Assets this isn’t the case – everyone is treated equally. At any stage of the process we can put you in touch with one of our registered LGB carers or employees to talk through the highs and lows, challenges and rewards of fostering. The Core Assets Group, of which Key Assets is part, is the only non-government provider of fostering in the Stonewall Top 100 Employers. We are about quality care in a family setting and equality for all. No one has the right to foster but everyone has the opportunity to apply and we hope we hear from you.


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