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Foster care is about providing a safe, secure and stable environment for a child or young person within your own home when they are no longer able to live with their birth family.

Children and young people in Western Australia need foster care for a variety of reasons. Some will have experienced a degree of neglect or emotional or sexual abuse. All of them will have almost certainly experienced loss and separation from their birth family. Even if children present as happy and smiling, their past experiences will have an impact on their behaviour and development.

At Key Assets, we specialise in placing children and young people into fostering families in WA and these young people may have challenging behaviours. This may be as a result of one or a combination of factors. Our foster carers are provided with the most comprehensive and ongoing foster care training and support to make the placements stable and the outcome successful.

Different types of foster care

Foster care placements can vary from short term placements to long term placements. Visit the foster care placements page to learn more.

Our approach to foster care

Key Assets’ Team Parenting™ approach to foster care holds the foster carer and the child placed with them as central to what the agency does. Appropriate support for families who foster is seen to be vital to a successful placement. We pride ourselves in providing creative and flexible support for young people and their foster carers.

According to the needs of the carer and/or the child, Key Assets can offer:

  • Support through frequent visits and regular phone contact from a Social Worker
  • Support from a Therapist
  • Support group meetings
  • Support Workers to work with the children and young people
  • Organised activities for children and young people, including the foster carer’s birth children
  • Educational support in negotiating with schools and promoting the child’s educational needs
  • Access to the Key Assets 24-hour after hours duty system of support
  • Comprehensive post-approval training program.

Visit the our approach to foster care page for further information.

Foster carers needed

We are specifically looking to recruit foster carers with experience in fostering, the caring profession, child related work and/or experience working with people with disabilities, although we are pleased to hear from anybody thinking of fostering. Please call 1800 932 273 or enquire online.

Fostering Enquiries:

Mon – Fri: 09.00 – 17.00

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Email: info@keyassetswa.com.au

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