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Fostering is a serious commitment, particularly if you have birth children living at home. Bringing another child or young person into the home will surely have an impact upon your family life.

If you’re thinking of becoming a foster carer in Western Australia, ask yourself: ‘how will fostering affect my family?’ It deserves serious consideration and at Key Assets we encourage open discussion with every member of your household.

Fostering together as a family

We consider that children and young people foster too. Children whose parents foster will have to share their home, their parents, their siblings and their belongings with children and young people in placement.

Children will experience similar emotions to those of their parents (the foster carers), and they must be able to handle sharing their home with another person.

Yet children can contribute to the success of a fostering placement by welcoming another member into the family household. For this reason we encourage carers to be supportive of their own children and young people involved in the fostering process and we offer our own support as a fostering agency.

If you do have children, they will also have access to your family’s Social Worker and contact with other young people in the area who are part of a fostering family. Some areas will also have specific support groups where birth children can express the issues affecting them.

Find out more about how fostering affects the family

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