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What motivates you…?

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I was recently in our WA office and got talking with our Fostering Advisor over there. We were talking about the range of people she had met during her time in this role and how she had become inspired by what motivated people to foster. This got me thinking about how motivation is such an intrinsic part of what makes people become foster carers.

I’m always interested to hear people’s stories and what never ceases to amaze me is how people’s desire to foster often started when they themselves were young people. One of our foster carers recently told me that she had always had this dream that she would live in a big house and have lots of her own children as well as foster children. It had been spurred on by her experiences at school and seeing disadvantage.

The big house didn’t transpire and neither did lots of children, but her motivation remained alive and real. All she needed was at least one spare bedroom and the drive to make a difference. Having discussed this with her partner and their two children, they decided as a family that this was the right thing to do for them – her dream soon became a reality and one which she had been thinking about for 20 years!

Six months in she told me that she wished she had started 10 years ago but the fear of the unknown put a damper on the dream. It was an advert in the paper that reignited it – something as simple as that.

Back to my conversation with our Fostering Advisor…the reasons why people foster are as diverse as the people themselves. Some have altruistic reasons; others have career aspirations in childcare; others are touched by the stories they read in the news; whilst others see it as a ‘calling’ or ‘something they were always meant to do’. Some are those typical ‘empty nesters’ whose own children have moved away, leaving them with lots of parenting still to offer.

There is one common bond between all these people – they love children and want to make a difference! Every day I see that difference being made and every day I see foster carers living out their motivations and going the extra mile to show children how they care.

Perhaps you’re motivated and not sure where to take it. Give one of our fostering advisors a call and let us support you to make your dream of making a difference a reality! Looking forward to hearing from you!