Promoting Pacific Islander foster care

The team at Key Assets in Queensland took ourselves off to Coomera on the Gold Coast for the day in an effort to raise the profile of the need for foster carers in the South East Region.

We set up stand at the inaugural ‘Pacifika 2011’ event which was about celebrating the cultural diversity of the Pacific Islands peoples. There was an array of colour, dance, song and traditional foods to sample.

At Key Assets we recognise that children and young people in out of home care come from many diverse backgrounds and there is a growing need to ensure that these children and young people have the opportunity to grow in families that reflect their own cultural heritage or at least are able to support and meet their cultural needs.

Did you know that Maori and Samoan children make up the 3rd and 4th largest groups of children in out of home care in Queensland? That’s after White Australian and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. This statistic reinforces the need to ensure that we work hard to recruit carers from these communities, too!

Pacific Islander peoples have a long history and tradition of caring for children from within the wider community and embody the belief that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. This was evident by the level of interest shown in getting information about fostering and the subsequent number of enquiries on Monday morning!

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