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Key Assets provides a number of different types of foster care placements. Fostering placements can be short term or long term, and last from a few days to many months.

Foster carers are matched to the most appropriate type of foster care placement. However, we encourage our carers to be flexible and willing to take more than one type of foster care placement.

In South Australia, our foster care placements are for high needs children. We recruit carers who are able to offer homes to children and young people who have experienced harm or neglect and whose parents may be struggling with their own lives.

Below you will find every placement type currently offered by Key Assets SA.

Long-term foster care placements

Involves caring for children on a long-term basis until they reach adulthood (usually 18 years of age) and are ready to live independently.


Even the most resilient foster carers need a break sometimes. Respite carers will provide short-stay placements for children and young people so that full time foster families can have time and space to themselves.

Sibling placements

This type of placements aims to keep siblings together.  Generally, this is a long-term arrangement but respite care opportunities may also arise.


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